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We’ve got kittens!

Meet Mitty, our not so lovey, antisocial cat who really does NOT like people. Mitty was rescued from a gopher hole at a local park last fall and of course brought to my house (ya know, cause I pretty much run a rescue here). Recently we realized Mitty was pregnant.   She had been hanging out in our backyard a couple times a week over the summer gettin’ her tan on and apparently at some point some male hoodlum kitty got  in and things got a little out of hand. We were NOT happy kitty parents:(

Fast forward a few months and we have adorable SOCIAL kittens! Woot woot! AND since we let her get knocked up (kept saying we needed to catch her and take her to get fixed!) all kittens will be staying here. In my house. All 5 of them. Plus Mitty. Yep. So fun.

We work pretty closely with our local shelters and I am very aware that most people like kittens and then give them up once they are cats. So I really don’t trust people enough to give them good forever homes. So they shall stay here with us:)

All 5 kittens are named after gemstones:) Opal is above, his coloring looks alsmost identical to our chihuahua Sophie. They are new besties:)

 Fe (Feldspar) is below. Aren’t they adorbs!

 And this is Jade. SO darn cute!

Onyx of course. I think he looks like a bear:)

Jasper is this tiny little ones name. She has a tiny little torso and sits in these itty bitty little balls and is just too darn cute!

Since they are all staying be prepared for regular kitten updates. They are currently all living in a spare bedroom with boxes everywhere which is apparently is like a kitten amusement park:)