NOTE: Please prepare yourself for the awesomeness you are about to see….. Pretty much the coolest Airstream Argosy you’ve ever seen huh?:) I know, you’re now thinking holy crap I need to get with this photographer. She’s pretty kick booty. You can follow her awesomeness on Facebook and checkout her website . She’s pretty much our favorite ever! Thanks for making us all look like normal sane people Tricia:) {Minus the pitchfork photo. lol}

Slowly but surely we’ve been working on our 1971 Airstream Land Yacht, Ethel. You can see all her before photos here. We are taking her out to Nebraska for my sister in laws wedding in TWO weeks! There is still SO much to do. So when i’m not at our shop i’m working on her. I found this idea on pinterest and loved it! There are several wall areas in the camper that have this hideous crappy wall paper as… Read more »

That’s right, we bought another camper… I think I have a vintage camper addiction. This is Ethel, a 1971 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht. We had been looking for a vintage camper for a few months and hadn’t had any luck finding one anywhere near us so we were just patiently waiting until we found “the one” located closer to home. Luckily my Aunt Mary found one for us just a couple roads over šŸ™‚ Here are the “before” Ā pics of… Read more »

Yesterday we got together to start cleaning Bertha. Since she’s been sitting in a field for about 20 years she is nice and dirty. And by dirty I mean covered in mice urine and feces. Yep, the fun kind of dirty. AMAZING fabric we found in Bertha:) Get ready for some limited edition items on our site using these bad boys! {After they are dry cleaned of course} We knew there was a soft spot in the floor when we… Read more »

Meet theĀ newestĀ member of the HorseFeathers family, Bertha. She is an Airstream Argosy 28. Argosy was a line that Airstream sold from 1972-1979 (1972 being the ļ¬rst year they were designed and manufactured) and these were the ļ¬rst and only painted Airstreams.Ā  Go us on finding a rare camper! woot woot! We found her at an estate auction and found out she’s been sitting since her last trip in 1993. Since she’s been sitting on a farm for about 20 yearsĀ unusedĀ the… Read more »