Introducing Ethel- The Before Photos

That’s right, we bought another camper… I think I have a vintage camper addiction.

This is Ethel, a 1971 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht. We had been looking for a vintage camper for a few months and hadn’t had any luck finding one anywhere near us so we were just patiently waiting until we found “the one” located closer to home. Luckily my Aunt Mary found one for us just a couple roads over 🙂

Here are the “before”  pics of Ethel. We aren’t doing to awful much to her. Just cleaning her up a bit, putting some funky HorseFeathers touches on the interior, polishing the exterior and installing new flooring.

 She’s actually in excellent condition overall:)

And here is what we are hoping to get her looking like over the next couple months….

Stay tuned for updates!  We are currently working on getting Bertha ready to paint. You can read about her over here😉

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