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Photoshoot with Hayden Burns Photography

NOTE: Please prepare yourself for the awesomeness you are about to see…..

Pretty much the coolest Airstream Argosy you’ve ever seen huh?:)

I know, you’re now thinking holy crap I need to get with this photographer. She’s pretty kick booty. You can follow her awesomeness on Facebook and checkout her website . She’s pretty much our favorite ever!

Thanks for making us all look like normal sane people Tricia:) {Minus the pitchfork photo. lol}

Vintage Rose Wraps Shoot

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This summer we were asked to be a part of the Vintage Rose Wraps video/ photo shoot they were planning and of course we jumped right on board! We absoulutely LOVE the  owners of VRW and the product itself. Their mix of bright funky fabrics go great with all our boho chic jewelry. Below are some of the shots that are jewelry was in. We LOVE how this turned out!

AND here is the AMAZING video! So fun!!!!