HorseFeathers Gifts from the beginning has been a local brand. Starting in a home studio, HorseFeathers roots run deep and even as global awareness of the brand grows, home matters. Whether you have a retail location or are selling exclusively online, where you are from matters, not only to your story, but also to your growth opportunities. Here are some examples. Partnerships Even if you aren’t in the same industry, and maybe especially if you aren’t, your business neighbors can… Read more »

So this one time, this kick booty New York Times Best Selling Author said we rock at social media. Read Gary’s full post for Office Depot here. Or just look below at what he said about us. Because that’s the import thing, right?!   We totally recommend reading Gary’s latest book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook! It’s pretty much the bible of social media. No joke. You can buy it here.  Now, go stalk us. Because Gary said 😉

NOTE: Please prepare yourself for the awesomeness you are about to see….. Pretty much the coolest Airstream Argosy you’ve ever seen huh?:) I know, you’re now thinking holy crap I need to get with this photographer. She’s pretty kick booty. You can follow her awesomeness on Facebook and checkout her website . She’s pretty much our favorite ever! Thanks for making us all look like normal sane people Tricia:) {Minus the pitchfork photo. lol}