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Cleaning Bertha- Airstream Argosy 28

Yesterday we got together to start cleaning Bertha. Since she’s been sitting in a field for about 20 years she is nice and dirty. And by dirty I mean covered in mice urine and feces. Yep, the fun kind of dirty.

AMAZING fabric we found in Bertha:) Get ready for some limited edition items on our site using these bad boys! {After they are dry cleaned of course}

We knew there was a soft spot in the floor when we bought her, so we weren’t really surprised when we ripped up the carpet. We will obviously be replacing part of the floor. We are also installing new flooring fitting with the time period she was built {70’s}.

I could not believe the condition of this radio! Brand spankin new lookin! Yippee!!! And IT WORKS! We’ve got surround sound:) Two speaker up front and two in the back. You bet we will be using this baby!

And here is what we found in the vent. Hello wasp colony! YUCK!

We like to save the best for last. Check out these awesome owl lights we found in Bertha! So fun!!  We also found several other cool items like an old razor, a yearbook from 1917, the original brochure and owners manual for Bertha in mint condition, and tons of other fun trinkets we are hanging on too:)

If you missed the before pics you can find them here.

Restoring Bertha- Airstream Argosy 28

Meet the newest member of the HorseFeathers family, Bertha. She is an Airstream Argosy 28. Argosy was a line that Airstream sold from 1972-1979 (1972 being the first year they were designed and manufactured) and these were the first and only painted Airstreams.  Go us on finding a rare camper! woot woot!

We found her at an estate auction and found out she’s been sitting since her last trip in 1993.

Since she’s been sitting on a farm for about 20 years unused the mice decided to call her home…. We have LOTS of cleaning to do.  We plugged her in last night (fire extinguisher handy) and all electrical, AC and water pump work! Yipee!

And then the nerve wracking part of opening the canopy. These babies are NOT cheap by any means so we were really hoping it wasn’t too rough. And we were super excited to find a totally UNUSED canopy in PERFECT CONDITION! *Happy Dance*

I pretty much LOVE the fabric on the canopy!

We found a ton of cool info on the airstream website too!  Ours is the 28 with the center bath. It’s so cool to see the brochure photos they use to use:)

You may be thinking we are going to fix her up and using her for camping. Well we aren’t. She’s going to be the mobile HorseFeathers shop🙂 We are going to fix her up and get her a nice new turquoise and white paint job (in the argosy original colors) and take her to shows so you can go inside and shop! We are keeping as much of her original interior as possible. We already know we are replacing the flooring and once we get in there and start cleaning we will get a better idea of what else needs to be done.

Stay tuned for updates on her progress along the way:)